Innovation through Research and Development

Our team of experienced engineers and specialists can help you quickly and creatively solve energy efficiency challenges and assist you in other areas such as with emission control, safety, sustainability, availability and affordability.

Customer Specific Solutions:

Product Development, Standardization, and Customizing
If our standard portfolio does not meet your requirements, we will use our decades of experience and innovative capabilities to find the best solution for you.

Technical and Economical Process Analysis and Optimization

Complex power generating systems are more than the sum of their parts. Meeting the highest demands for technical and economic effectiveness requires not only producing single components but also accounting for their interplay.

Customer-Specific Business Processes

Do you want to design your processes more efficiently? We can support you by setting up unique smart software solutions and structures that help you shorten proposal development time, decrease costs and deliver tailor-made products.

Tools and Competencies:

Best products require a broad range of individual competencies. Our experts employ the following tools and competencies to meet your specific challenges:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation
  • Dynamic Process Engineering and Optimization
  • Acoustics – Computation of Absorptive Silencers
  • Thermodynamic Design of Heat Exchangers
  • Laboratory and On-Site Measurement Capabilities
  • Prototype and Model Manufacturing and Testing
  • Development of Customer-specific Software and Web Applications
  • Permanent Improvement of In-House Calculation and Engineering Tools for Developing State-of-the-Art Plant Components