Balcke-Dürr Customization Center

Emission reduction has become a major target and challenge for fossil fuel plants. Present and future legislation and the trend to use a wider range of fuels with potentially different emission characteristics drive the demand for new and upgraded flue gas cleaning technologies.

On the other hand, the recent changes in the energy market demand more than ever the availability of investment and operational cost optimized plants and plant components. Thus, not only technologies but also their operational parameters come into focus.

These challenges are empirical issues and need to be continuously investigated in testing facilities under real conditions: This is why Balcke-Dürr and its Bag Filter Test Rig should be your first choice.

Customer Benefits:

  • Optimized configuration of filter system for lower operating costs and capital investment
  • Operational reliability and operational advantages due to cost savings
  • Tailor-made solutions under real conditions (temperature, humidity, air-to-cloth ratio, dust mass flow, etc.) according to customer requirements

Balcke-Dürr Customization Center
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