STF Balcke-Dürr Headquarters

Operating site 1
Str. Robecco 19
20013 Magenta MI

Operating site 2
Via Pievaiola 307
06070 Fontignano PG

Phone: +39 02 97266 211
Fax:     +39 02 97266 231

Whistleblower Channel
STF Balcke Duerr offers its employees three Whistleblower Channels:

• mailbox
•    +39 02 97266 211 option 2 then 8 for English (or option 1 then 8 for Italian)
•    Two ballot boxes, one in office and the other in workshop

this to enable the secure and confidential reporting of any kind of irregularity detected within the company or its scope of action regarding failure to comply with the principles contained in its Code of Conduct or which might result, or are reasonably expected to result, in infringements of the law and other internal or external rules to which STF Balcke Duerr may be subject.

Business Partners or persons associated with STF Balcke Duerr who may have reasonable proof of any irregularity, as shown in the previous paragraph, must report it via these channels.
The Regulatory Compliance department of STF Balcke Duerr will be responsible for receiving and managing the communications received via the Whistleblower Channels. All the information and documentation provided in the reports made shall be subject to the strictest standards of confidentiality.