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Balcke-Dürr Cell Cooling Towers 


Material: glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP)


Type: counterflow principle


Typical applications:

·         chemical plants

·         industrial facilities

·         geothermal power plant

·         solar power plants

·         air conditioning


 The solid all-rounder

The highlights

·         can be used like steel, but up to 70% lighter

·         short delivery and assembly times, completely weather-independent

·         universal field of application: From power plants to chemical and industrial plants to air-conditioning technology

·         on-site assembly: the client is involved live in the assembly process


Powerful and versatile

Balcke-Dürr GFRP cooling towers are the universal all-rounders: they are used in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology as well as in industrial environments and various types of power plants. The GFRP construction is particularly characterised by short delivery times and simple, fast installation. The comparatively short manufacturing and assembly times offer decisive advantages for the progressing process of your project, especially since assembly is weather-independent and can be carried out without problems even below the 4% temperature threshold. In combination with high-quality structural and connecting materials, Balcke-Dürr GFRP cooling towers are resistant to harmful influences such as UV radiation and most chemicals. At the same time, they can be exposed to almost as much stress as pure steel structures, but are up to 70% lighter. Compared to wood construction, GFRP is a serious alternative, as the costs are only slightly higher and the quality is significantly better and more sustainable at the same time.

Of course our cooling towers not only comply with the conventional standard regulations for construction and operation, but are also optimally designed to meet hygienic requirements, such as those stipulated by the 42nd BImschV.

We offer convenient inspection hatches as standard, but our products also take due account of individual, conceptual requirements such as fire protection devices.



Optimized for low-noise operation


The high noise protection requirements in modern industrial countries demand much more from cooling tower operators than static and optical measures, i.e. taking the dense population into account and correspondingly low sound power levels. Here we support the choice of fans with noise-reducing elements such as ultra-quiet fans as well as internal and external silencers of various types. By using suitable components and measures between air inlet and outlet, we reduce the noise level to a tolerable minimum. Since the low-vibration construction also contributes to the reduction of noise emissions, this measure alone ensures greater stability and an extended service life of the cooling tower.



Our expertise - your benefit


Balcke-Dürr has the know-how, the design competence and the production facilities as well as its own qualified assembly personnel. In this way, we meet the individual requirements of our customers worldwide down to the smallest detail.