Regenerative Gas-Gas Heaters are mainly used in flue gas desulfurization plants and low dust SCR systems to utilize the waste heat of the flue gas. Balcke-Dürr is in a position to offer Gas-Gas Heaters with rotating Ljungström-type or stationary Rothemühle-type heat storage medium.

Inside the gas-Gas Heater, raw gas and clean gas are led in counterflow through a matrix of heating elements. These heating elements continuously absorb and release heat by convection.

  • Double Sealing System ensures no bypass leakage
  • Scavenging system ensures for leakages < 0.5
  • Enameled heating elements designed for low pressure drop and high efficiency prevent corrosion
  • Highly efficient cleaning system using swivel arm sootblowers
  • Circumferential drive guarantees safe operation

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