Air Preheaters

Regenerative Air Preheaters are mainly used in fossil fuel steam power plants to improve boiler efficiency. Therefore, the combustion air is heated up by the thermal energy of the flue gas, thus enhancing the combustion process. Balcke-Dürr is in a position to offer Regenerative Air Preheaters with rotating Ljungström-type as well as stationary Rothemühle-type heat storage medium. In the air preheater, the flue gas and the combustion air are led in counterflow through a matrix of heating elements. These heating elements continuously absorb and release heat by convection.

Why You Should Modernize an Air Preheater

  • Less fan power consumption and less fuel costs due to site-specific optimum between heat transfer and pressure drop in heating elements
  • Less wear of seals thanks to high efficiency adjustable non-contact sealing system and reduced leakage mass flow rate
  • Higher efficiency of flue gas path components through reduced flue gas flow downstream of the air preheater

    Air Preheater Services

    Balcke-Dürr provides all services for its own products and those of other companies. Verifiable improvements in performance can be demonstrated in a multitude of references from the power plant and steel industries.

    • Complete overhauls
    • Leakage minimization with innovative sealing systems
    • Upgrading and revamping
    • Inspections, condition and damage analyses as well as modification and overhaul planning
    • Supply, disassembly and installation of spare parts, wear parts and auxiliary units:

      • Heating elements
      • Bearings
      • Electric and pneumatic drive units
      • Sealing system
      • Pin rack
      • Sootblowers, washing equipment incl. piping
      • Fire alarm equipment
      • Rotation-monitoring system
      • Checking and setting of the pneumatic system, instrumentation and control equipment


    Case Study Rheinhafen Steam Power Plant RDK 7 in Karlsruhe, Germany
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