Evaporative Cooling Towers: A core of our service expertise

During the service life of a wet cooling tower, a number of conditions – such as changed operating parameters, natural wear, incorrect modes of operation, product leakages and weather conditions –  will cause increased burdens on components and all too frequently considerable damage. Consequences for the operator are increasing maintenance costs and reduced operating revenues due to unscheduled repair outages and losses in plant performance. We are a comprehensive service partner due to our decades of experience with our cooling towers as well as with third-party products.

Our services at a glance:

  • Complete overhauls, inspections and upgrading of evaporative cooling towers
  • Reconstruction, conversion and refurbishment
  • Inspections, condition and damage analyses including outage planning
  • Performance and efficiency enhancements
  • Performance and sound tests
  • Spare parts and on site installation
  • Development of maintenance and service plans

That's why you should upgrade a cooling tower:

  • Shorter outage periods
  • No new construction permit required
  • Lower operation costs
  • Optimized performance after reconstruction
  • Longer operation life cycle