Tools – Adding value for our customers

Our own equipment fleet with many standard and special tools is a guarantee that – in case of scheduled maintenance measures and in case of failures or incidents –  we will very fast and flexibly restore the value-added operation of our customers' plants. For us, tools and equipment fleet also mean knowledge and expertise, ideas and services of ten employees in a hall of 3,000 m² floor area.

Main components of our equipment fleet:

  • 2,300 articles directly available
  • 250 welding machines and special lifting beams
  • Partially automated TIG orbital welding systems
  • Automated oxyacetylene cutting torch up to 300 mm
  • Automatic internally and externally chucking turning machines
  • Hydraulically driven chain milling machine with weld preparation 
  • Ball plug installation device for header-type feedwater heaters
  • Tube pullers and rolling controllers
  • Vacuum tube cleaning system
  • Pressure test accessories
  • Standard tools and hoisting equipment
  • State-of-the-art height safety concepts and equipment