Regenerative Heat Exchangers: Experience increases efficiency

As one of the leading manufacturers of regenerative heat exchangers, we are permanently committed to increasing the efficiency of heat exchangers in air and flue gas paths of power plants and industrial facilities.  With this experience and expertise, we support customers concerning the inspection of their plants and also  with regard to cleaning, outage, maintenance and upgrading of the most varied components in desulfurization and DeNOx plants.

Our services at a glance:

  • Complete overhauls for own products and third-party products
  • Minimization of leakage with novel sealing systems
  • Inspections, condition and damage analyses including outage planning
  • Supply, disassembly and installation of spare and wear parts and auxiliary units

That's why you should upgrade an air preheater:

  • Lower fan power consumption and lower fuel costs by means of a plant-specific optimum in terms of leakag, heat transfer and pressure ddrop
  • Lower wear of seals thanks to a highly efficient, adjustable, non-contact sealing system with simultaneously reduced leakage mass flow rates
  • Higher efficiency of downstream systems, such as filters and flue gas desulfurization plants through reduced flue gas flow after the air preheater