Stationary Heat Exchangers: None is unfamiliar to us

As specialist for all water-steam cycle components, our stationary heat exchanger service can handle all requirements and challenges during the components' entire service life. Our service range includes:  consulting, planning, engineering, production, delivery, installation. Our offering applies to power plants of any type, chemical plants and industrial facilities ─ independent of manufacturers and brands.

Some of our services at a glance:

  • Manufacture and supply of replacement bundles / heat exchangers
  • Inspections, condition and damage analyses including overhaul outage planning and coordination of third-party trades
  • Complete retubing of condensers

That's why you should select our stationary heat exchanger service:

  • We specialize in any type of installations up to 300 t
  • We advise you in all life cycles of your components
  • We have relevant references in the most diverse areas
  • We offer very high occupational safety standards with an excellent track record
  • We offer additional services with long-standing and qualified partners under our leadership