Products and Services

Feedwater Heaters

STF Balcke-Dürr designs, manufactures, installs and commissions Feedwater Heaters for Nuclear and Conventional Power Plants. Our technology, honed by field experience and continuously fostered by R&D, allows STF to comply with the most stringent safety and quality requirements while delivering high performance in cost efficient way.

• High Pressure Feedwater Heaters
• Low Pressure Feedwater Heaters
• Duplex heaters
• Drain coolers
• Steam desuperheaters

Key Features

• Detailed studies for erosion-corrosion reduction phenomena
• FEA of critical parts for lifetime extension and fatigue reduction
• 3D modeling
• High flexibility, quality, safety & reliability
• Different configurations for DSZ and SCZ
• Tube-to–tubesheet welding both for channel side and shell side (IBW)
• Special design for heaters replacements with reduced site activities

Steam Surface Condenser

STF Balcke-Dürr Condensers distinction is due to a conservative design philosophy that uses thoroughly field-tested and proven standards for thermal and mechanical design to provide the client with equipment offering superior efficiency and availability. These standards are continually reviewed and updated according to industry needs, analysis of field service problems and design improvements.

• Downward or Axial steam exhaust
• Single or Multiple shell
• Cooling water Single or Double pass
• Cooling water Divided or Not
• Single or Multiple pressure
• Rigidly or Springs supported 

Key Features

• Design, manufacture and erection activities from a unique supplier
• High flexibility and reliability
• Maximum surface utilization, optimum reheating and deaeration
• Tubes lay-out optimization for high-efficiency
• Tested and proven standards which attain the best thermal efficiency
• Manage of different materials, such as titanium, s.s., duplex, Cu-Ni, etc
• 3D modeling

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Spanning from Power to Oil&Gas and from Nuclear to Petrochemical, STF Balcke-Dürr distinction is to easily customize the product to the client requirements and standards while delivering high quality at competitive costs.

• District heaters
• Closed Cooling Water H.E.
• Waste Heat Boilers
• T.E.M.A. type Heat Exchangers 
• Moisture Separator & Reheaters (manufacturing)

Deaerators & Pressure Vessels

STF Balcke-Dürr designs and supplies spray and tray type Deaerators based on its proprietary technology. The top vessel consists of the deaerating tower, vertical in small units and horizontal in large units, equipped with sprays of water to be deaerated. After that the condensate falls by gravity across a series of trays. The mechanical separation of the water falling from one tray to the other in conjunction with the thermal and dynamic action of the steam, rising to the top of the vessel, assures the removal of the gases dissolved in the water. Finally the water is discharged in the storage tank whose capacity is studied in function of the plant needs.

Nuclear Equipment

Our equipment are designed and manufactured in Magenta (Italy) with regards to high safety requirements and stringent quality assurance and control.

Our capability is to customize for nuclear applications our historical products such as:

• High Pressure Feedwater Heaters
• Low Pressure Feedwater Heaters
• Steam Surface Condensers
• Deaerators
• Pressure Vessels & Pressure Parts
• Piping
• T.E.M.A. type Heat Exchangers 
• Moisture Separator & Reheaters (manufacturing)