Air Intake Filters for Industrial Gas Turbines

Reliability and efficiency are vital prerequisites to the financial success of turbine operations.
Balcke-Dürr’s Filter Systems are engineered and built to reliably protect the gas turbine against the pollution in the ambient air. A modular design of the Filter and Acoustic Solution supports today’s requirement for low engineering cost and quick project turnaround times. 


The improved Air Intake Filter System from Balcke-Dürr can take the reliable and efficient operation of a turbine to the next level.

At the heart of the filter system is a zero leakage, double seal, clamping system that reliably connects the filter module with the high-capacity filter cartridges. The cartridges are designed for high dust-holding capacity and superior water repellent and collection capabilities. They are extremely resistant to moisture, vibration and pressure surges. Sometimes things go not to plan. Unexpected pressure or moisture peaks during operation do not impact the high filtration effIciency or reliable operation of the Balcke-Dürr Air Intake Filter System. A solid frame and sturdy grids work hand in hand to prevent filter distortion and unscheduled downtime.

Key Benefits

  • Lower running costs
  • Superior resistance against plugging, fouling or corrosion
  • Protects rotating machinery
  • Extends lifetime without unexpected shutdowns
  • Longer life cycle of filters due to high dust holding capacity

Offshore and Coastal

Offshore and Coastal Operations make for the most challenging operating conditions. Balcke-Dürr’s Air Intake Filter System is geared towards meeting the high humidity and unexpected surges in airflow. Outstanding water repellent hydrophobic material and almost 100% water collection capability
are standard. The design is capable of operating with filters of up to
600 mm depth allowing for a small, light footprint.