Boiler Retrofits

Especially in the steam generation process the highest demands are made on design and material. This applies equally to boiler and burners. Therefore power plant operators are faced with a number of challenges: extending from the stability of combustion via measures to prevent wear and corrosion up to an optimized operating strategy for the boiler in interaction with the heat exchangers.

We master these challenges by means of our extensive services. They range from causal research by computer-assisted calculations and cycle simulations up to damage analyses and service life forecasts for all boiler types. We advise on improvement of performance such as increased steam production, reduced auxiliary power consumption or reduced emissions. As a quality supplier in boiler construction, we are renowned specialists for all retrofits.

When it comes to operating boiler-based plants more economically, we bring in our experience of more than 100 years and our pioneering work in boiler construction. Supported by our highly specialized workshops, we offer comprehensive manufacturing services for all kinds of important components.

Customized Services: Your Plant - our Expertise

  • Process engineering consultancy, cycle and thermal analyses, efficiency enhancements and performance upgrades
  • Firing system optimization

Optimizing Economic Efficiency

  • Higher levels of availability, longer overhaul cycles
  • Greater reliability in operations, lower maintenance costs
  • Component service life extension
  • Fuel savings
  • Utilizing capacity reserves

Case Study RDK 7, Germany
Fit for efficient energy production - now and in the future