Boiler Services

Balcke-Dürr boilermaking goes back to 1883 when the Dürr boilerworks were founded. This long track record is the basis of our extensive boiler service stretching from straightforward component replacement through all-in upgrading.

Balcke-Dürr helps your boiler to meet both the economic efficiency requirements in a deregulated world and the emission legislation of the European Union by, for instance, implementing fuel changeovers.



Improve Economic Efficiency - Lower Emissions

  • Examinations in detail, laboratory development (e.g., flow optimization, raising the corrosive strength of boiler heating surfaces)
  • Technical consultancy, preparation of survey reports

    • Lifetime analyses
    • Surveys, internal inspections, evaluation of findings, optimization, equipment erection studies
    • Thermodynamic calculations

  • Structural, vibration, remaining service life and stress analyses
  • Preparation of specific sheets for service, repairs and conversions
  • Detail engineering, e.g., for replacement of membrane walls, headers, heating surfaces, structure, CAD-supported manufacturing documents
  • Preparation of welding procedure and heat treatment specifications as well as inspection and test plans, corrosion protection plans
  • Quality assurance and monitoring
  • Documentation

Case Study RDK 7, Germany
Fit for efficient energy production - now and in the future