LUGAT® Compact Heat Exchangers

Significant energy savings can be achieved by using LUGAT Compact Heat Exchangers to preheat the combustion airs for steam boilers with capacities of 3 to 350 t/h and industrial furnaces. The LUGAT Compact Heat Exchanger is a Ljungström Type Air Preheater that can be delivered in vertical or horizontal design.

LUGAT Compact Heat Exchangers with diameters of up to 5.6 m are shipped completely assembled and tested. Thus long plant outages due to long on-site assembly times are avoided. Furthermore, the LUGAT Compact Heat Exchanger provides an outstanding availability.

  • Lugat Compact Heat Exchangers since 1974
  • Installed base: more than 80 Lugat air heaters world wide
  • Standardized design for rotor diameters from 2.0 m up to 6.4 m

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