Feedwater Heaters

A feedwater heater is a shell-and-tube heat exchanger that warms up feedwater or condensate by means of steam or condensate.
It is used in almost all power plants with steam turbines.

  • Only supplier worldwide for the full range of feedwater heaters in power plants of any size
  • Header-type high pressure feedwater heaters as innovative alternative to U-type heaters
  • More than 1,200 references in a multitude of design configurations
  • Engineering, manufacturing and erection from one single source
  • "Zero-Mistake Engineering" through 3-dimensional CAD software with integrated data management system
  • Uprating of existing power plants by "Power Venting"

Upgrading and Improving the Efficiency of Feedwater Heaters

Condition analysis, design, repair, supply and installation of replacement parts, design approval and documentation for:

  • High pressure and low pressure feedwater heater bundles, vessel shells, and coolers
  • Bundle tube supports and tube-to-tubesheet welding

    • Checking of wall thicknesses
    • Plugging of tubes
    • Checking of erosion damage and cracks

Case Study Niederaußem, Germany
Learn more about our reference Niederaußem, where we supplied our Balcke-Dürr Feedwater Heater and other products

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