Turbine Condensers

Turbine Condenser

The performance of a turbine condenser is a significant factor in the overall operational efficiency of a power plant. Improper and outdated tube bundle layouts limit condenser and turbine back pressure and thus the electrical output of the plant.

  • Number one provider in Germany and one of the premier suppliers worldwide
  • Engineering and manufacturing experience gained in more than 100 years
  • Production for any type of steam power plant from approx. 50 to 1400 MWe
  • Supply of more than 400 condenser units since 1950 arranged below or beside the turbine
  • Surface areas up to 45,000 m² per shell
  • Special applications as nuclear, deaerating, geothermal and multi-pressure condensers
  • Patented high-performance tube bundle design (TEPEE) for uprating of existing power plants

Upgrading and Improving the Efficiency of Turbine Condensers

In-situ retubing of straight tube and U-tube type condensers with bundles of the same or different design and material, or replacement with prefabricated condenser modules.

  • Removal of tubes using state-of-the-art pulling tools
  • Supply of new tubes, tubesheets, supporting walls, supporting grids, etc., in various materials, e.g., carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium, etc.
  • Tubing, roller expansion or tube-to-tube sheet welding, and flaring of tubes if required
  • Performance measurements and optimization of non-condensable gas extraction systems
  • Dismantling of complete condensers and installation of prefabricated condenser modules
  • Re-coating of tubesheets and waterboxes in cooperation with qualified coating companies
  • Tube connection work

Case Study Hellisheidi, Iceland
Learn more about our reference Hellisheidi, where we supplied our Balcke-Dürr Surface Condenser

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